The “A.M. Private Investigation Agency” was established over 20 years ago, provides its customers, both personal and business,, in Israel and abroad, with a wide range of investigative and information detection services. The agency has a long history of success with challenging cases while working under deadlines and limited budgets.

Our office maintains a trained and experienced staff who skillfully manage different types of investigations for its customers:  surveillance, financial investigations, locating and monitoring data, matrimony files, etc. All the Private Investigators in our office are authorized by the Ministry of Justice, and are registered members of the Bureau of Private Investigators/ graduates of the Israeli Police Force operational units / General Security (Military) Service / Israeli Defense Force Investigative Units and /or other Private Investigating Units.

At the “A.M. Private Investigation Agency”, we are committed to maintaining maximum privacy for our customers while at the same time providing them with professional, precise, and time-efficient investigations under tight deadlines. The equipment used during these investigations is up-to-date, using the most highly- advanced technology available.Combining this state-of-the art equipment with our extremely experienced team of investigators allows us to provide our customers with creative solutions for every possible need they may encounter.

 The “A.M. Private Investigation Agency” operates on a global scale, and offers its customers a complete range of investigative services worldwide in cooperation with local investigatory agencies in several countries, in order to achieve the fastest and best results for its customers.

The “A.M. Private Investigation Agency” specializes in the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial Investigations  - when financial background of an individual, private business, large company, or other group is needed in order to collect debt, confiscate funds / properties, or for other essential information before closing business negotiations with another party.
  • Surveillance – providing under-cover surveillance for a wide variety of investigations, for private and commercial customers.
  • Business Intelligence - Monitoring, collecting, and analysis of classified information for companies in need of data regarding business activities of their competitors and of Sectorial activity in specified markets.
  • Locating Missing Persons – based on minimal amounts of information held by the customer.
  • International Investigations – combining the information gained by our experienced investigators at the “A.M. Private Investigation Agency” in conjunction with intense cooperation provided by investigation agencies in the country of destination.